Personal Training

One-to-one attention and programs designed with you in mind.

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One-to-One Training

Cathy offers one-to-one in-home or online training programs suited to your schedule. She will guide you through your exercise program in a fun and supportive way, focusing on your technique and helping you become familiar with your tailored fitness program. As you progress through personal training sessions you will discuss nutrition and nutrition recommendations that will support your health and fitness journey.

Improve fitness, reduce weight, tone-up, build-up, rehab a sports injury, stop chronic pain, shape-up for a wedding or need postpartum reconditioning we have the right exercise program for you.

Scheduled appointments and one-on-one attention are always the rule.

Cathy has the expertise you want and the experience you deserve to get real results.

Training and Exercises

Diversifying your training programs helps you avoid boredom and performance plateaus.

Personal Training

Personalised Training Sessions can be booked around your schedule in intervals of 30 min, 45min or 1 hour sessions and you can have in-home or online session (or a mix) depending on your needs.


Kettlebell exercises require proper technique and practice. Benefits include; increased core strengrth, balance, flexibility, and coordination. It’s a great option to burn fat and sculpting healthy and lean muscle.

Circuit Training

Personal circuit training uses cardio and personalised strength training exercises to optimise your workout. Perfect for short powerful workouts that helps beat boredom. Circuits are easily customisable to help you reach your goals faster.


Trained in Stott’s mat work system of Pilates. Fabulous way of increasing core strength and flexibility. Made famous by Madonna. It’s great way to elongate the muscles in your body and fantastic for abdominal tone. Super for anyone with bad posture and back issues.

TRX Training

This is suspension training, you work with your own body weight. It’s fantastic for strength and really good for your ligaments and tendons. TRX is also a great way to stretch and gain flexibility.

Gym in a Box

A unique version of resistance tubing that I personally developed. Resistance bands give an amazing all over workout. Perfect for office workers and travelling too.

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