Let’s Get Physical

What’s This Talk About: Talk provides an overview of the real benefits of exercise and how easy it can be achieved with different types of physical activity.

  • Outlining the benefits and importance of physical activity
  • Explaining ways to improve your overall fitness
  • Different types of exercise particularly for those with busy lives
  • Training Devices and Trends for 2017
  • Understanding how to be more efficient with your workouts

What Will I Learn: The importance of physical activity and efficient ways to improve fitness levels for everyday life. The knowledge to choose a fast and time efficient ways to exercise, outside of the gym.

Healthy Eating Better Energy

What’s This Talk About: Explains the low GI system of eating with proven scientific evidence of the benefits of better energy foods for sustainability and fuel efficient bodies.

  • Understand the need to eat better energy giving foods
  • Low GI, a scientifically proven way of eating
  • Information on how different foods effect our bodies
  • Intelligent eating methods including practical ways to implement this approach to your life

What Will I Learn: The benefits of healthy eating and learn intelligent eating methods for and your family.

The Secret of Weight Management – the Healthy Way

What’s This Talk About: Provide practical solutions to maintain a normal weight for height and frame size.

  • How to control your weight
  • Choosing the right diet
  • Popular diets and understanding the long-term effects
  • The secret of weight management

What Will I Learn: How to lose and maintain weight-loss using intelligent eating methods.