Corporate Wellness

Wellness programs from Cathy Soraghan, with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Let’s Get Physical; How to improve fitness levels

This talk provides an overview of the real benefits of exercise and how easy it can be achieved with different types of physical activity.

  • Outlining the benefits and importance of physical activity
  • Explaining ways to improve your overall fitness
  • Different types of exercise particularly for those with busy lives
  • Training Devices and Trends for 2021
  • Understanding how to be more efficient with your workouts

Key Staff Takeaway: The importance of physical activity and efficient ways to improve fitness levels for everyday life. The knowledge to choose a fast and time efficient ways to exercise, outside of the gym.

Healthy Eating for Better Energy

Cathy explains the low GI system of eating with proven scientific evidence of the benefits of better energy foods for sustainability and fuel efficient bodies.

  • Understand the need to eat better energy giving foods
  • Low GI, a scientifically proven way of eating
  • Information on how different foods effect our bodies
  • Intelligent eating methods including practical ways to implement this approach to your life

Key Staff Takeaways: The benefits of healthy eating and learn intelligent eating methods for and your family.

The Secret of Weight Management

Cathy will provide practical solutions to maintaining a normal weight for an individual’s height and frame size.


  • How to control your weight
  • Choosing the right diet
  • Popular diets and understanding the long-term effects
  • The secret of weight management

Key Staff Takeaways: How to lose and maintain weight-loss using intelligent eating methods.

I recently asked Cathy Soraghan to speak at our International Women’s day event. She delivered a talk around work/life balance, based on recent stats and her own experience both as being a mother and an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Women On The Run for over 27 years. She speaks from the heart about the difference between aspirations versus practical solutions. I would highly recommend her as a speaker.

She also delivered breakfast on site that day. We had 35 delegates who thoroughly enjoyed her delicious low G.I menu. Ranging from fruit smoothies, both dairy and non-dairy, to a selection of blueberry yogurt-based muffins, flapjacks and fruit skewers, we all enjoyed her food so much we are having her back. It was truly top quality food. Her brand Food On The Move, says it all.