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Meet Cathy


If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know much about me just yet.

So let me introduce myself;

I’m Cathy Soroghan, a Certified Personal Trainer & Coach for women who need professional support to get and stay in shape.  I am a dedicated, fun, one-on-one motivator who can work with you on your fitness and/or eating habits to become the healthier, happier and more relaxed version of yourself, that you want to be.

Here’s my story:

Soon after received my degree in Exercise and Fitness from the University of Limerick, I took on my first personal training client, at a gym in Dublin and loved it! That was over 30 years ago. Quickly I realised, it wasn’t just what work we put in at the gym that mattered. Equally important was what I taught them to take-home that created an environment in which my clients could thrive and reach their goals. For many years I ran my own studio in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin that allowed me to refine and tailor my methodology to suit the exact needs of individual clients.

A big part of my success in the fitness world came through dedicating myself to the science of food and how that impacts a woman’s wellbeing. My goal as a personal trainer is to support my clients to be accountable and accept the lifestyle changes necessary, when working towards their health and body goals.

Coming Back Strong

A decade ago, I had an accident requiring surgery on my hip, this meant no hikes, runs or workouts for this fitness freak! Of course, when you go from active to sedentary, the inevitable happened; weight gain but more importantly, I just didn’t like how I felt, in my body or in my headspace. I had to rework my mental toolbox and I made a shift to seeing health as it relates to whole person wellness – not just their physical body.

That inspired me to dive even further into food science research to figure out how to lose weight that my body wasn’t able to shift due to my injuries and then, bring that knowledge combined with my years of experience as a personal trainer, to my clients.

My personal journey from injury, back to health and fitness has helped me understand and empathise with my clients that wellness is mental as well as physical. I knew that I could use that experience and research to help even more people reach their goals and teach them how to live a joyful and healthy lifestyle.

Experience to guide you

I have trained-coached hundreds of women (and men) to reach their fitness goals and overcome their personal obstacles. With my additional training in NLP and Life coaching, I create strong connections with clients, because I work with the whole person within their environment, to reach their fitness, health and lifestyle goals. It’s coaching change in people from the inside out.

My clients love me because I really “get it” I’ve been where you are sitting whether that is:

  • A new mom struggling with post-baby body
  • A stressed professional/business woman with no time for her health
  • A women working your way back from injuries or illness
  • A pre-menopausal women who is wondering how to manage your new found cravings and bottomless pit of hunger
  • A post-menopausal woman who can’t shift your weight no matter how many miles you walk

So, no matter what your obstacle is, I am here for you every step of the way.

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Experience & Qualifications

  • University of Limerick | National Degree in Exercise and Fitness
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Life Coach

Nothing will work unless you do

Cathy is an award-winning personal trainer with a proven history in the fitness industry. She has worked with many TV and movie personalities, including; Daniel Day Lewis and his wife, Rebecca Miller, Ursula Halligan, Vincent Browne, members of the Ryanair Family. She has worked on RTÉ’s The Afternoon Show where she took charge of detoxing the presenters over a two day period and they all declared that they felt terrific afterward. Cathy has also mentored and advised people on The Ray D’Arcy Show on Today FM.

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