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6 Weeks Personal Training, €249 Summer 2016 Challenge *Limited Availability. Book Today 086 875 8744.

Readymade Low GI Meals

Portion controlled meals ready for you, customised to your tastes and preferences


Half hour combo of Kettlebells and Powerplating. Only available at my studio


Vibration training, speeds up the process of toning and strengthening muscle

Circuit Training

Proven to be the most effective way to burn calories in an hour long workout. Working against your own body weight. Good for strengthening ligaments and tendons.


Kettlebells are an excellent way to work out and burn more calories

TRX Training

Body weight suspension training to develop core and lean muscle tissue

Diet Coaching

Shift your lifelong habits around food issues. Methods to get you to overcome over eating. Especially emotional eating. Food diaries and life coaching sessions around your eating habits.

About Cathy

One of the best in the industry with over 25 years of experience

Cathy has a proven history in the fitness industry. She has worked with many TV and movie personalities, including; Daniel Day Lewis and his wife, Rebecca Miller, Ursula Halligan, Vincent Browne, members of the Ryanair Family. Her qualifications were obtained through Limerick university. Having studied the N.C.E.F. Level 2, obtaining a distinction. She is also trained in life coaching and stress management. More recently she obtained a Food Academy certificate. She is very passionate about wellness and achieves great results even for the more difficult client as her motivational skills are second to none. Women on the Run is an innovative fitness studio that offers diet and fitness training to individuals who want to increase their fitness or lose weight. They work with clients on a one on one basis to develop a diet and fitness plan to suit your lifestyle. Women on the Run is owned by Cathy Soraghan, an award-winning personal trainer and life coach who has a proven track record of getting, and keeping, people motivated. She has worked on RTÉ’s The Afternoon Show where she took charge of detoxing the presenters over a two day period and they all declared that they felt terrific afterward. Cathy has also mentored and advised people on The Ray D’Arcy Show on Today FM.

  • motivational skills
  • Fitness Advice
  • Diet Plans
  • Lifestyle Changes

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Products & Programmes Available
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A free consultation with Cathy , takes approx. 3/4 hours. It includes a weigh in, body fat analysis, frame measurements, BMI testing, your waist to height ratio, diet analysis and an opportunity to assess the perfect plan for you.
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Low Gi Ready Meals

Forget about shopping and cooking, let us provide you with tasty, low GI, portion controlled soups and main for you to take away. All of our food products are gluten free.
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Bootcamp with Food

Intensive week of training, with all of your food for the week supplied! Don’t worry about shopping, cooking, and eating healthy, we’ll take care of that for you. This is alongside 6 days of personal training from Cathy.
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Mum & Baby

Bring the little one! Bring your baby and feel safe knowing that as you work out we mind the baby
Choose from 30min or full hour sessions, at times that suit you. Contact Cathy for more details. Sessions can be shared.


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