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Specialists in:
Readymade Low GI Meals
Portion controlled meals ready for you, customised to your tastes and preferences
This unique system of training is only available at my studio. It’s a combination of kettlebelling and powerplating. Yes, that’s right a combo of the two done on the Powerplate. It’s the quickest way to tone and sculpt the body. Half hour workout…Amazing results.
Vibration training, speeds up the process of toning and strengthening muscle
Kettlebells are an excellent way to work out and burn more calories
Pilates - Mat work
Workouts for developing core strength and preventing injury
TRX Training
Body weight suspension training to develop core and lean muscle tissue
Circuit Training
Proven to be the most effective way to burn calories in an hour long workout. You are working against your own body weight. It’s also really good for strengthening ligaments and tendons.
Medicine Ball Workouts
Workouts for the entire body, specifically ab muscles


We create fitness and wellness plans for ordinary people to help better their lives.

Short on time and energy?
We solve this with fitness and food plans that are convenient to use and very effective.
How many times have you wished to make a change but constantly fail.
We remove the obstacles. You can book a session at a time and a place that suits your busy schedule.
We can plan your weekly food menu. By providing portion controlled low gi meals on a day to day basis. We give you real weight loss solutions. No potions, no pills. By encouraging change we move on. Self limiting beliefs block us making changes. Cathy is also a trained life coach. With her skills she will set your objectives and help you achieve your goals.
If you haven’t experienced a session with Cathy here is what some of her previous clients have said.

We are an innovative fitness studio offering diet and fitness training to individuals who want to increase their fitness or lose weight.

We work with our clients on a one to one basis to develop a diet and training plan that suits your lifestyle. You can train in the privacy of our studio or our trainers can go to your home for your workout.